DryMouthPro review

DryMouthPro™ Review

It is not easy to wake up with a dry mouth at night and feel sleep discomfort. According to dentists, the symptoms like chapped lips, dry mouth, thirst, and speaking problems arise when the patient is on harsh medications or when the person does not drink enough water.

Biotene, Mouth Kote, and XyliMelts

I have used several dry mouth products that I purchased, such as Biotene mouthwash, mouth kote, and Biotene spray, oasis moisturizing mouth spray, and XyliMelts as a saliva substitute to cure my extreme dry mouth. They are all alcohol-free and have mint flavor, which makes them safe for children. They proved helpful in promoting saliva flow, but according to customers, their effects do not last for more than 30 minutes. Like other products, Xylitol and XyliMelt left me with gastric issues and irritation and sensitivity.

Few people told me they had used artificial saliva products containing the same proteins as real saliva, such as Biotene oral balance, moisturizing gel, and GSK. Doctors recommend that it is better not to use salivary substitutes if you are on medication or are suffering from any autoimmune disease.

Few medications and oral rinses have side effects such as flu-like symptoms and stomach discomfort experienced by people who use these products for an extended period.

I realized that nothing could work out for me, so I decided to try DryMouthPro™, which my dentist recommended. It was proven as a miracle for me as I found the huge difference after its first use. It not only stopped my tooth decay but also cured the dryness of my mouth.

DryMouthPro™ Oral Rinse:

The DryMouthPro™ is a natural oral rinse that is an antiseptic which cleanses and refreshes your mouth as no artificial product can do. The results are immediate!

It is sugar-free and helps oral health. According to dentists, this not only kills the germs, but it's delicious mild mint flavor gives its users fresh breath, reduced inflammation, and healthy gums. DryMouthPro™ rinse is made up of natural herbal extracts to give you the dry mouth relief that you are looking for.

Does It Work To Eliminate Dryness Of Mouth?

Yes! DryMouthPro™ provides a fast and effective way to keep your mouth moist for hours and hours. It is antibacterial that prevents teeth from tooth decay.It contains no artificial ingredients, color, or sweeteners! 

Ingredients in DryMouthPro™: 


The oak tree bark contains tannins (phlorotannin, ellagitannin, and gallic acid) and Quercetin. Oak also has manganese, calcium, iron, and zinc, in addition to minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Tannic acid binds to tissue proteins, impervious to bacterial infection, thus reinforcing the tissues simultaneously. Oak bark tincture is a natural astringent that has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Oak Bark's astringent qualities aid in tightening tissues and strengthening blood vessels, making it an excellent remedy for dry mouth and bleeding gums.


The Sage has antibacterial effects on the colon, urinary tract, and excretory system. Sage also contains essential oil components that aid in wound healing and the treatment of injuries. Clay sage oil can be beneficial for treating wounds and skin conditions, according to a 2015 study published in Postepy Dermatol Alergol. Clay sage essential oil exhibited excellent antistaphylococcal activities against clinical isolates obtained from wound infections when tested. Clay sage is a fantastic remedy for treating dryness and soothing oral irritations.

Silver Fir:

The scent of Douglas Fir is comparable to that of Western Red Cedar. It has antiseptic properties, tone, deodorizing, and relaxing breath for dry mouth sufferers. It also has a purifying impact. This essence of Silver Fir softens the oral cavity's harshness due to the mouth's dryness. It enhances the healing process in the mouth and a fresh breath.

Pine Tree Carotene Extract:

Pine trees are the "Nature's Best Defense Against Free Radicals," providing us with the best chance of avoiding diseases and protecting pollutants by having strong antioxidant properties that scavenge dangerous free radicals. It also aids salivary stimulants to soothe and moisturize dry mouth problems.


The best defense against free radicals is undoubtedly the pine tree. It has powerful antioxidants that scavenge harmful free radicals, making it the greatest bet for preventing illnesses and minimizing pollutants. It also aids in the maintenance of healthy saliva by soothing and moisturizing dry mouth issues.


Yarrow has been known to ancient Greeks and Chinese for over 3000 years. Yarrow, which has been around for almost three millennia, has been used to treat various health issues, including menstrual pains and hemorrhoids caused by bleeding. Yarrow is also an important herbal treatment for dry mouth disorders since it helps saliva stimulate moisture by soothing and moisturizing the dryness of the mouth.

Sarsaparilla Root:

This herb contains:

  • High levels of Vitamin C,
  • B-complex vitamins, 
  • Minerals,
  • Flavonoids, 
  • Alkaloids,
  • Mucilage, 
  • Glycosides, 

These all reinforce salivary secretions. They also help strengthen blood vessels to relieve the dryness of the mouth.


Biotin is also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R. Biotin helps to ensure that your body metabolizes the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates you eat into energy. It turns the amino acids found in proteins into fuel for your cells while helping produce fatty acids to make cell membranes and hormones. Biotin also helps your body metabolize carbohydrates into glucose, used as fuel for our body's cells.


The humble nettle has several uses in herbal medicine. It has anti-spastic, anti-psychotic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and is required by the body every day. It helps relieve dry mouth problems by providing a soothing, gentle sensation in the mouth.


It's 100 percent Alcohol-free!! No chemical, no artificial flavors. Complete pure and effective formulation


My main complaint about DryMouthPro™ is its price. It is costly as compared to the prices of free saliva substitutes that are available online.

How To Use Dry Mouth Pro™?

Use 15 mL (1 tablespoon) of DryMouthPro™ Oral Rinse and rinse for 30 seconds before spitting out. You may use DryMouthPro™ Oral Rinse up to 5 times a day, depending on your requirements. 

DryMouthPro™ Claims:

  1. Instant relief from dry mouth
  2. Prevent the mouth from bacterial infections
  3. Long lasting

DryMouthPro™: 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee


Drymouthpro.com provides a 100% money-back guarantee, so if for any reason DryMouthPro™ did not work for you, you can ask for a full refund and you will be refunded. No question will be asked.

World wide Free Shipping:

DryMouthPro™ is not available in stores, You can only buy it from the official store. You can order it risk free with credit card or paypal and the product will be shipped to you overnight.

DryMouthPro™ Users Reviews:

Rocky Hildebrant // California:

I have had no issues with my oral dryness since I began using DryMouthPro™. I feel more comfortable now, and I am sure that this product has improved the quality of my life.

DryMouthPro™ is so much better than other products because it works instantly, and since I have been using it, my dry month condition is gone. This product deserves a 5-star rating!

Leslie Cunningham // Ontario

DryMouthPro™ is a lifesaver for me. It has been months since I have had to put up with this horrible problem and the only reason it happened was that I did not have DryMouthPro™ in my medicine cabinet! I could never thank the people at Dry Mouth Pro enough for this wonderful product!

Elizabeth Coleman // California

DryMouthPro™ is a complete miracle in a bottle. I used to always experience dry mouth syndrome after having my meals which made me feel weird and uncomfortable while talking with others or during meetings. Now that I have started using DryMouthPro™, this problem has gone away, and I no longer feel uncomfortable during conversations or meetings.